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what and why?

TVP Basketball Online Programs has a holistic approach to helping players succeed. We envision our platform as a catalyst to assist players in developing their overall skillset and IQ. 


TVP Basketball Online Programs are designed to empower players to take control over their skill development. We take pride in providing quality instruction through exposing the smallest nuances to help players succeed.

meet players needs

TVP Basketball Online Programs is tailored to all ages and skill levels. Each video includes help text to aide players in the learning process. We understand that players have different learning styles which is why we chose to include various speed changes in each video. 


This program doesn’t require having a partner. Drills can be practiced anywhere, outside or inside. 

HOW it works

Each program has its own sub page under the Online Programs tab. There will be sub categories to organize the content. All videos will be titled by the name of each exercise or shot to educate the player on the drill.


Each TVP Basketball Online Program is subscription based starting at $12.99 per month plus a limited 7 Day Free Trial per program.

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