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Breanna Knight - Point Guard Cambridge Insanit

Hey I just wanted to say thank you for pushing me and making me a better player and person every time I'm at training and as of  right now I'm the starting varisty point guard and a lot of hat is because of you and the impact you've made on me.

Proud Parent

I just want to tell you you're  an awesome trainer bro! The way you talk to those kids and give them the real and motivate in the same breath is something not a lot of trainers do nowadays!  Keep being you, never change up!

Ryhs Carey - Guard
Eden Prairie 

I had my first tournament of the season last week and I had a 27 point triple double in the first game. It's safe to say the training has been paying off.   I've kept working on a lot of the things you taught me and it's been showing. I appreciate what you're doing helping so many people!