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TVP Academy is community oriented and we are dedicated to uplifting at-risk youth. Our team is committed and passionate about providing holistic training opportunities for basketball players in the Midwest. This includes developing their character,  skills and creating educational opportunities for them. With a scientific approach to our training methods, we want to equip our athletes with the best tools and resources they need to be successful, starting with a designated training space. By having our own training space, we can provide quality training services, mentorship programs, and educational opportunities for youth.


TVP Basketball's mission is to help youth and staff develop personally and professionally through the game of basketball. In support of our mission, we aspire to have a safe training space for our athletes to work on their basketball skills and athletic ability. We'd love your support! Below is what we need to get started with approximate prices. We are also open any donated or used equipment.

Facility space details

  • A warehouse space that has 2-3000 square feet with a minimum of a 20 feet ceiling. 

Facility equipment 

  • Hardwood floors (plus labor) - $20K

  • Basketball rims - $3,500

  • Wall padding - $2K

  • Squat rack (2) - $2K

  • Dumbbell set - $2K


Our goal is to tentatively open TVP Academy by Summer 2021, depending on how fast our funding goals are met. We will do whatever it takes to create a safe space to serve our youth!

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